New Dark Dramas, Thrillers, Action Films and Horror Movies 2023

I am back again with another new list of films. This time I have very little horror (for a change) and I am focusing on some bleak hardcore dramas. Even though some of these aren’t labelled as horror, they are still very much horrific.

We have quite a variety of new movies below. I am sure there is something for everyone. Add these to your ever-growing watch list of films. I hope you enjoy it.


One of the strangest yet most unique storylines of the year. All I know about this film is that it has only a few cast members and deals with the purchase of a coffee table. Yes, that’s right…it’s about a coffee table.

The first thing that struck me was the warped af poster. I was immediately drawn to it. Then to learn it’s about a coffee table but goes from a dark comedy into a full-blown anxiety-driven horror, it had me beyond sold.

As the plot seems so minimalistic, I have decided not to learn anymore and go into this film as blind and clueless as possible. I have read warnings that this film should be avoided if you’re pregnant.


You’re Not Me sounds like a psychological mind-fuck. A girl returns to her home after being away for years and notices that her parents have replaced her with another person and are treating her like their daughter.


The Passenger sounds like a lot of brutal fun. It deals with a guy who is terrified of confrontation. He is bullied by almost everyone in his life…including his co-workers at a fast-food restaurant. He must learn to fight and confront chaos when one of his bully co-workers randomly goes on a killing spree.

The new film by Carter Smith, the director of The Ruins and more recently, the extremely weird and uncomfortable drug mule movie, Swallowed.


This one sounds fantastic and possibly could be one of the best action flicks of the year. What would a Moviehooker list be without some Asian craziness?

Two yakuza gangs at war with each other interrupt the making of an action film while trying to kill each other. The leading man in the action film doesn’t take too kindly to the interruption and decides to bring his hard-as-nails action star persona into the real world. He takes on the two Yakuza gangs with what seems like impossible odds. 100 against 1 – can he survive the mayhem?


A new indie creature feature that looks to have some HP Lovecraft vibes. A group of drug addicts must fight off mysterious figures in flesh masks after getting trapped in a rural bar. As their withdrawals set in, so does the paranoia. They begin to think that someone among them ain’t who they say they are.

This looks like a lot of fun and seems to have great creature design. It also looks packed with gruesome Stuart Gordon-type, hideous Lovecraftian creature creations.

That’s it for this list of new movies, check back soon for more. As always, thanks for reading.


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