New South Korean Films To Look Forward To

We are back with a brand new list of upcoming South Korean movies that will be released in 2022. We hope you enjoy it!

Hey folks, firstly let me apologise for the lack of consistency with the articles on This was not intentional but also, could not be avoided. Anyways, I am back and promise to keep you all updated and hooked up. So, here are 6 new South Korean movies that you can expect to see releasing in 2022.


A new treat for those who like some South Korean gangster action. Hot Blooded is based on a novel called “Ddeugeowoon Pi” by Kim Eon-Soo which was released in 2016. A mid-ranking gangster who also works as a manager in a hotel gets caught up in a large scale gang war while trying to escape his past and leave the life of crime behind.

Featuring a great cast including Jeong Ho-bin (Gangnam 1970), Moo-Seong Choi (I Saw The Devil). Hot Blooded also looks to be the writing and directorial debut from Cheon Myeong-Gwan.


A new horror that focuses on 2 archaeologists who encounters some supernatural occurrences. Because of these supernatural activities, one of them now has his own YouTube channel and writes a monthly article in a “strange” tales magazine. The other archaeologist who specialises in deciphering ancient letters and symbols is searching for answers to why her only child died under strange circumstances in Jinyang County.


This one sounds like a fresh take on a familiar premise we have seen a thousand times. Decibel deals with an expert bomb squad whose skills and professionalism are tested when they are called to disarm a bomb that reacts and detonates to certain sounds.

From the writer and director of the fantastic 2014 actioner, Monster!. One of my personal favourite South Korean movies.


This list is turning into an upcoming action movie list and I have no complaints about that. Another one that sounds like it could completely badass.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations focuses on a highly trained member of a Black Ops team who is so fuckin’ badass that he is named after a spirit that devours human souls. His team are called to infiltrate a city that is overrun by spies.

Starring Sol Kyung-gu (Memoir of A Murderer), Park Hae-soo (Squid Game) and written and directed by Hyeon Na (The Prison).


It took me a while to find some information on this one. Hunt is the directorial debut by Squid Game star Lee Jung jae. I am gonna take a wild guess and say that due to the crazy success of Netflix’s Squid Game, Lee Jung jae’s, Hunt is already a winner

Park Pyeong-Ho (Lee Jung-Jae) and Kim Jung-Do (Jung Woo-Sung) are elite officers for the National Security Agency. They are both assigned to capture a spy who is hidden in South Korea but the closer they get to apprehending the suspect, they uncover a bigger threat than they could ever have imagined.


This new South Korean horror film is getting a lot of hype. Seire is a reference to a period of twenty-one days when everyone has to be on their best behaviour when a newborn baby is born. Not only is behaviour a huge part of this tradition but also, no strangers are allowed near the child. This old folklore is said to protect the infant from any bad luck.

Woo-jin is the proud father of a newly born baby boy. He somehow finds out that an ex-girlfriend has died and decides to go to her funeral without letting his wife know. At the funeral, he meets the twin sister of his ex deceased girlfriend which sets off a chain of horrific misfortunes.

That’s it for this list. I hope I have hooked you up with some fine South Korean future viewing.

As always, thanks for reading.

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