New South Korean Films To Look Forward To

A new list of upcoming or recently released South Korean films for me to Hook You Up with!

We really have some strong new South Korean Films coming our way soon. So much to be looking forward to including the brand new film from the writer of I Saw The Devil. Let’s get it it.


A new South Korean gangster movie. This one sounds like it has been done before but it’s always a joy to watch when it is a Korean production. Nobody does this stuff better. Hopeless follows a young 18-year-old boy looking after his little sister in poverty. He lives a miserable existence, struggling to provide for his sister until he becomes a member of a local crime syndicate.


It is the follow-up to the Korean actioner, Believer. I watched the trailer for this one a few weeks back and it blew me away. The action sequences looked insane.

Believer 2 will follow a cop on the hunt for a missing person while also trying to take down a local drug crime ring. This one will be hitting Netflix soon. I have high hopes for it.


From the writer and director of the Ma Dong-seok classic, The Gangster, the Cop, The Devil. The Devil’s Deal is a new thriller that’s steeped in political corruption. It follows a politician as he deals with the corrupt side of politics. As he gains popularity with the public, behind the scenes he is getting involved with loan sharks and gangsters


If you are a fan of South Korean cinema then doubt you’re a fan of Park Hoon-jung. If you’re not familiar with the name then he is the man who gave us the fantastic serial killer film, I Saw The Devil.

The Childe follows a boxer who was born to mixed-race parents. He then travels from the Philippines to Korea to try and track down his father but ends up getting mixed up with the wrong kind of people.

Expect this one to be fast as hell, and violent and bloody as hell. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one

That’s it for this list. Stay tuned for more reviews and lists on Moviehooker. As always, thanks for reading


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