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Back again, this time with a list of new or recently released thrillers. Hope you enjoy.

In my last list of upcoming movies, I focused on new thillers in Asian cinema. This time, I will be focusing on new thrillers happening around the globe. Some titles have already been released with some releasing soon. Hope you find a few films to hook yourself up with.


New Thrillers

Already available, this Netflix original caught my attention because of the director. The Warning is the new film by Daniel Calparsoro. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, he is the director of the fantastic The Fury Of A Patient Man, a beautifully crafted, dark and wonderfully acted slow-burning revenge thriller.

The Warning was a good watch, but the story is quite a hard one to follow. Basically, it’s about a man who finds numerical patterns in crimes. After his friend, David is shot in the head after a botched gang hit or assassination he learns that there have been similar crimes taking place in the same spot over the years.

As I said, it was a good watch but The Fury Of A Patient Man was always going to be a hard one to beat. I can’t fault any of the acting or direction, in fact, I really appreciated Calparsoro taking a completely different approach with his next feature.  This could have been better in my eyes, but it’s still a solid film and entertaining viewing.

JOURNAL 64 (Denmark)

New Thrillers

This could be my favourite from this list of new thrillers. Why? because this is a franchise that is has gone from strength-to-strength. This will mark the fourth instalment of the hugely popular, amazingly constructed crime series known as, Department Q. Two cops who work from a basement, reopen old cold cases and try to solve old murders, unearthing new secrets to bring the murderers to justice.

Like the 3 previous features, Journal 64 is based on a book by Jussi Adler-Olsen. I have said many a time before, I am not a big reader but the films are so dark and gritty, I find myself wanting to hunt them down to make comparisons.

Not a lot is known about the story (unless you have read the book that is). The cold case these guys are dealing with dates back to 1987 when they realise that a lot of disappearances are connected to one man. That’s all I need to know.

Not only are these superior Euro-crime films but they also feature one of the best cop partnerships in the genre.


New Thrillers

The plot of La Jauria really reminds me of Saw or at least one of the traps that feature in a Saw movie.  A group of men wake up in a car that has been set up to make it look like multiple suicides by carbon monoxide poisoning. They’re chained with no chance of escape and have no idea how they got there or what their connection to one another is.

This will obviously be a “race against the clock” movie. No doubt with a storyline like this there will twists and turns aplenty.

There is something special to me about a film that features a minimal cast. It’s hard to keep the viewers’ attention without some clever writing/direction/acting. This looks like it may tick all the boxes.


This is the only English-language feature on this list. Feedback is directed by Pedro C. Alonso and it looks to be his English-language debut, it may even be his feature-length debut.

Now, here’s the thing – I can find no information whatsoever about this movie. I can find the cast, director and writer but nothing else.

Thankfully, the above three reasons are more than enough to put this on our radar. Feedback has been described as a horror/thriller. It also stars the wonderful Eddie Marsan. The film is co-written by Alberto Marini who served as a producer on [REC]. He is also co-writer of one of the creepiest, effective horror movies EVER released, Sleep Tight. Marini’s English-language debut Summer Camp failed to impress me. I was hoping for something along the lines of [REC] but unfortunately, it fell flat on its ass. The finished product was something mediocre and something we have seen a thousand times before. He is still a very talented writer though so I have faith in Feedback.

The final selling point: the poster has someone holding an axe. I sure hope it’s Marsan.

New Thrillers

With a name like The Year Of The Plague, it’s easy to see why this makes the list. Described as a fantasy/comedy/adventure. The film follows a guy called Victor who has just ended his relationship with one girl to start fresh with someone new.

The hopes of a new relationship are put to the test when an unexplainable virus starts to possess everyone around him. Victor must use his knowledge of 80’s tv shows and movies to fight this new plague and save his new girl.

It sounds like it could be an entertaining watch but I can’t find anything apart from a poor IMDb page. The only decent information I got was from FilmAffinity, so a  big thanks to them.

This director maybe is definitely someone I need to look into more. He is featured in two of the 5-movies on this list. I have read more into his filmography and found ZULO. It has quite a poor score on IMDb but it sounds like my sort of film.

That’s it for this list. As always, thanks for reading.



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