The Best Scandinavian Films & TV Shows On Netflix

In this new list, we are focusing on some of the best Scandinavian films and tv shows that’s available to stream on Netflix. We hope you enjoy.

Netflix really have set the bar high when it comes to Scandinavian Films and TV Shows. And there’s no surprise that that most of them are better t Han any English Language production we have.


Best Scandinavian Films and TV Shows On Netflix - A Moviehooker List

Occupied has 3 seasons on Netflix. Norway has figured out a way to end fossil fuels for life. This new world-changing method has angered the Russians and they invade Norway. Citizens from all walks of life must come together to fight and take their country back.

A great mix of politics and action. A highly addictive series with huge production value.


Best Scandinavian Films and TV Shows On Netflix - A Moviehooker List

Released earlier this year, Post Mortem: No One Dies In Skarnes is a weird yet hilariously deadpan tale of vampirism. A small family-run funeral business is on the brink of closure due to the severe lack of deaths in the small town of Skarnes. But all that is about to change and business is about to be booming when the body of a young murdered woman comes back to life on the autopsy table. Uncertain of what happened she notices that her senses have improved; she can hear better, see better and now has a strange craving for human blood.

We all know that when Scandinavia put its efforts into any sort of vampire film or series, very little can compare to the originality they deliver.


Best Scandinavian Films and TV Shows On Netflix - A Moviehooker List

The Trip stars Noomi Rapace and André Eriksen, a couple who have had it with their relationship. They hate each other that much, the only viable option is to murder each other. Each with their own murderous intention they set off to a remote holiday home. Not long after they arrive, a chain of events unfolds putting them in far more danger than they could ever have imagined.

The Trip is a film by Tommy Wirkola (Dead Snow), so as you can imagine, there’s plenty of violence, blood spatter and practical fx. The acting is so good, the chaotic chemistry between Rapace and Eriksen gave us the oddest and most unforgettable dysfunctional couple to have hit our screens in years. If your humour is as black as the night (like mine) then I am sure you’ll find quite a few laugh-out-loud moments in this.


A refreshing take on the Nord mythology and a welcomed break from the Marvel universe. Ragnarok focuses on a high schooler that learns that he is a God. He must learn to use his new powers to defeat a new wave of enemies who want him dead.

Currently, 2 seasons are available to stream on Netflix. Season 3 has been confirmed with a release date yet to be announced.


Best Scandinavian Films and TV Shows On Netflix - A Moviehooker List

A Norweigian horror anthology. Bloodride takes us on a journey into the death of the passengers on a doomed bus, destination hell.

Each passenger has their own segment and their own bloody fate. Of course with anthologies, there’s always going to be ones that are better than others. Still, even the weaker ones are still very watchable.


Best Scandinavian Films and TV Shows On Netflix - A Moviehooker List

Another new release, The Chestnut Man is a Danish serial killer series. A woman is found brutally murdered in a park with her hand severed. Found beside her is a small stick-like figure made from chestnuts.

The Chestnut Man is a must-see for fans of noir crime dramas. Just like The Killing & The Bridge, it features a powerful female-led performance. I have always said that Scandanavia writes the best female characters that would put the western world to shame.


Best Scandinavian Films and TV Shows On Netflix - A Moviehooker List

The Valhalla Murders is another noir crime procedural drama. The series is about murders that are connected to an old home for troubled kids. A cop is called in from Norway to investigate the crimes.

Great characters, all facing their own demons. The pacing of the series can be quite slow at times but it is shocking reveal after reveal. Highly recommended for those who like a dark, slow-burn police drama.


Best Scandinavian Films and TV Shows On Netflix - A Moviehooker List

This one won’t be for everyone. Naboer is a hard film to watch at times and would be best described as an erotic psychosexual indie drama. It focuses on a young man who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. Left alone in his apartment he meets his new neighbours that are looking for some help with moving a wardrobe. This encounter with these girls ignites twisted sexual deviance inside him

This is one of those bleak films that really leaves its mark on you. A tremendous achievement with such a small budget and a handful of very daring and willing actors.

Ok guys and gals, that’s it for this part of great Netflix Scandinavian films and TV shows on Netflix. We still have loads more to share with you all but that is enough for this article. Check back soon for more lists and reviews. As always, thanks for reading.

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