New Serial Killer Movies

I am back again with another list. This time I am focusing on new serial killer movies, recently released or coming soon.

Ok, some of these films sound great but I could be wrong. What’s important is that you make your own mind up for yourself. There are definelty 3 or 4 on this list that I can’t wait to see. A couple of them sound really graphic and unsettling and should be approached with caution.


Starring Jake Busey as real-life serial killer, Willy Pickton. This true crime retelling of one of the world’s worst killers will focus on the horrific murder of over 50 women. These women went through unimaginable pain and suffering and were often dismembered, tortured, as well as being raped.

I do love Jake Busey and I honestly think these roles are perfect for him. He always brings a crazy energy and that can be terrifying if used in the right way


This is from the same director/writer as Pig Killer. Not only that, but it also has the same cast as Pig Killer, too. Scalper has been confirmed to be a direct sequel to NightCaller. The movie looks to be in pre-production so I update it with release details when they’re available.

No plot details are available at this time.


The story of a brother and sister living with the aftermath and guilt of their father being a serial killer who stalked his prey and killed women in the cruellest way imaginable in the ’90s.

This is a Belgian production and should be released soon. This one should also come with a warning. If you can’t handle high levels of ultra-violence then I would give this one a miss. You have been warned. Social torment pushes them in a dangerous direction making them pick up where their father left off and continue his reign of terror.


To Catch A Killer is already released and should be available to stream. The film is about a troubled cop who is contacted by the FBI chief to help catch a disturbed serial killer who is terrorising the people of Baltimore.


I am not too sure about this one, so I will leave it up to you to make your mind up about The Nomad. The premise does sound intriguing though and reminded me a little of the Aussie serial killer movie, Acolytes.

A documentary filmmaker covering the brutal slayings of an active serial killer comes face to face with him. Instead of turning him in and contacting the authorities, she uses him to get back at her abusive husband.


The English language version of the Danish horror, Speak No Evil could be the fastest adaptation ever made. The remake stars James McAvoy, Mackenzie Davis & Scoot McNairy.

No plot details have been confirmed yet. Personally, I am all for this. I would hate it to be a carbon copy of the Danish film but I honestly think there was so much more to explore with the killers than what we got in the original.


The new film from Don’t Look Up director/writer, Adam McKay. Average Height, Average Build is about a serial killer who gets into politics with the help of some high-up officials.

Robert Pattinson has been confirmed in the leading role as the politician serial killer. It also co-stars the awesome Amy Adams.

Expected in 2024 – no further details are available.


A serial killer who is about to be executed is given a psychological evaluation and claims that the murders he committed were not done by him but by a demon. He then says with confidence that the Dr will start to commit murders by the time their session is over.

This one definitely sounds good. If done right, this could be a great blend of horror and serial killer gruesomeness.

That’s it for this list of New Serial Killer Movies. I haven’t checked any of these out yet but I hope at least a few of them will be worth Hooking You Upo with. As always, thanks for reading.


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