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A list of South Korean movies on Netflix that everyone should see

I am back again with another list of South Korean movies. This time I am focusing on South Korean Movies On Netflix (UK/Ireland). I hope you all find a few that you haven’t seen and I set you up with some nice binge-watching. Ok, here they are…


The Villianess

We got to cover this South Korean action film when it first played at Fantasia Film Festival. You can read Mark’s review HERE.

A woman trained to be an elite assassin uses her deadly skills to escape her past brutally eliminating any threat that gets in her way.

Some striking cinematography and fight scenes, one to mention would be the sword-fighting while driving high speed on motorbikes.

Mixed with some vicious POV style action, The Villainess is not without its faults, but one that certainly can’t be missed.


Kim Jee-woon Jin Roh

From Kim Jee-woon, the director of Choi Min-sik serial killer classic, I Saw The Devil. Illrang: The Wold Brigade is a remake of the classic Japanese anime, Jin Roh.

Set in 2029, the film focuses on a special military unit called The Wolf Brigade which is formed to stop the reunification of North and South Korea.


Yeon Sang-Ho

The second live-action film from the director of the zombie phenomenon, Train To Busan (which now has a sequel in the works). Psychokinesis is an interesting twist on the superhero genre, a genre I have limited love for.

An absent father wakes up one day with special powers. He uses his new superhero abilities to help him unite with his daughter and fight a corrupt government looking to close down a local shopping district.

I was hoping for something a little darker but I still really enjoyed the film. I would even say it’s suitable for all of the family.


South Korean Movies On Netflix FORGOTTEN

Jin-Seok witnesses the abduction of his brother, Yoo-Seok who disappeared without a trace. After 19-days, his brother returns home with no memory of what happened to him.

As Jin-Seok looks into the events surrounding the disappearance of his brother he realises that his family are holding a dark secret that has been hidden for decades.


South Korean Films On Netflix

This one took a bit of deciphering. Being a huge fan of the other movies of Hong-jin Na (The Chaser, The Yellow Sea), I knew what I was going to see would be different. He proved himself as a master of many genres. I knew The Wailing made perfect sense, I just had to be pointed in the right direction.

After the arrival of a strange Japanese man, a weird illness starts to infect the local villagers. The final symptoms of this unknown virus: lashing out in a violent rage and killing whoever the infected come into contact with.


South Korean Movies On Netflix TUNNEL

This South Korean survival drama focuses on a car salesman who gets trapped when a poorly constructed tunnel collapses. With nothing but a mobile phone and a couple of bottles of water, he must try and find a way out using the help of the rescue team before his air runs out and he suffocates.

From director Kim Seong-hun, the director of A Hard Day. He is also the director of upcoming South Korean Netflix zombie series Kingdom.


South Korean Movies On Netflix JSA

Considered to be one of the best South Korean war films ever released. Joint Security Area, or  JSA, is a bleak and realistic look at the horrors and atrocities of war.

Directed by legendary South Korean director Park Chan-Wook, director of Oldboy. The film focuses on a military murder investigation. Sgt. Lee Soo-hyeok (Lee Byung-Hun) is assigned to the case when two North Korean soldiers are murdered near the North and South Korean border.


South Korean Movies On Netflix SECRET REUNION

From director Jang Hoon, the director of Korean actioner Rough Cut. Secret Reunion is an action-packed spy vs spy thriller.

The film focuses on the relationship between a member of the National Intelligence Service and a North Korean spy. The North Korean spy is now wanted for failing to carry out an assassination ordered by the North Korean military.

Good human drama, great action sequences although it can get a little cheesy in parts. Still, Secret Reunion is way more enjoyable than a thousand Hollywood action movies put together. It’s well worth your time on Netflix.


South Korean Movies On Netflix RUNNING WILD

Two very different brothers team-up to take down the man they believe killed their half-brother. One, a detective with a violent fist of justice, the other a prosecutor who believes in hard evidence, proceedings doing everything “by the book”.

Using very different methods, the two must work together to bring down a dangerous kingpin and get revenge for the murder of their brother.


South Korean Movie on Netflix HIDE AND SEEK

Sung-soo receives a phone call telling him that his brother has gone missing. He is estranged from his brother and hasn’t had any contact in decades. When he goes to his apartment to try and figure out what has happened,  he notices strange symbols carved outside some of the doors on his brother’s apartment block. These symbols are known as “hide and seek” codes and when Sung-soo arrives back at his luxurious apartment he notices that the symbols have also been carved into his family home.

This is a great mystery thriller and released at a time when dark South Korean cinema was at its best.

An impressive debut from writer/director Jung Huh

That’s it for this list. I hope I have hooked you up with lots of future viewing. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


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