Ever since “Sean” witnessed his mother getting brutally murdered as a child , the police have been letting him into the station on a daily basis to search through the police database, in hope of one day seeing the mugshot of the man who murdered his mother ( not so sure if the cops would let you do that in real life , but its a film,so we let some stuff slide). Now a bright and intelligent teenager ( but obviously still very troubled) “Sean” has become part of the furniture at his local precinct , but what the cops don’t know is that when “Sean” isn’t searching through mugshots on his computers, he has been learning mixed martial arts, and before you know it , we have ourselves a vigilante/hero., taking out all the scum in the streets of “New York City”. All he needs is a black jeans, black hoodie, and a wee tub of boot polish so he can rub a few streaks on his face.
I really enjoyed this film. I thought it to be a great take on the street vigilante genre and he is a very believable hero.
In the past we’ve had, kick ass ,defendor,super, all of which were good comedies (some better than others), but this is a far more serious take on the vigilante/hero, and has a far more believable storyline/hero, and I have to say I personally enjoyed it better once they removed the comedy . I hope to see more of these types of films in the near future.


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