A fantastic serial killer movie from Australia about some kids who witness a serial killer burying a body. The kids find out who and where the serial killer is and begin to blackmail him. They want want him to kill a man who had molested them years back, if he doesn’t do it, then they will go to the police and rat him out.
Quite slow burning to begin, but when it gets going, it’s a damn good and very dark thriller with some nice twists. I have read a lot of really bad reviews for this film as well and all I can say to them is “what the fuck was ya thinking when your wrote that, was you high on crack?” . I hate people who write stuff like “don’t waste your time” or ” the worst two hours of my life”. That’s just not nice, a lot of hard work has went into making these films, and if they don’t have anything positive to say, they should simply just shut the fuck up and not say anything at all. I really enjoyed this film and I thought the story was original and it being Australian, you know you are in for some lovely viciousness .
Check it out, make your own mind up.




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