when the dismembered remains of a young woman are found by A young couple. Police call in professor/pathologist, “kang” to help catch the killer.
The film starts off running and doesn’t stop. The storyline gets better and better and if this is the only synopsis you’ve read for the film. Then it’s for the best that you don’t read anymore into it.
I was glad I knew very little about the film, maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much.
The only downside I had with this film was SOME of the music. I just thought that some of the scenes could’ve been executed that little bit better if the music was more atmospheric (it seemed very Casio keyboard demo button), but that’s only a very minor flaw, and other people might think different as its just my own personal opinion.
Another Korean masterpiece that is well worth the watch and gas earned its place as one of the Korean greats.




When 2 red haired outcasts form an unusual relationship. They both go on a rampage through France and will stop at nothing until they reach their destination…….Ireland. After one of them finds holiday brochure with a irish family wearing the arran woollen jumpers, and all have extremely wild red hair. So, he gets it into his head that everyone in Ireland is ginger and so begins one of the most strangest road movies one could ever hope for.
A film that wouldn’t be enjoyed by everyone. This is real strange one and I can completely understand why people wouldn’t like it.
I liked it because it was so weird. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a film like it and I will probably never see one like it again (unless we get a remake) I’m not sure if the film intended to be funny but I found it quite comical at points, and that mad me enjoy It more.

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Still to this day “funny games” remains to be one of the most shocking and effective home invasion movies to date. A film that would only be enjoyed by hardcore fans of this particular genre.
A random family are targeted by two psychopaths who begin to inflict endless and shocking torture for their own twisted entertainment.
As I said this film ain’t for everyone but if you do like your films a little deranged then by all means go ahead and check it out if you haven’t done so already.
An American remake was also released with the same name and with some big A-list names such as, Tim Roth, nioami watts, and Michael Pitt.
This remake was a carbon copy of the original, and even with same director and a whole bunch of Hollywood stars, the film still managed to suffer from “American remake syndrome”. It still was a good film, and the acting in the remake was top notch from all the cast but I just felt that it had lost the creepiness (although still very graphic and disturbing) that the original had.




I really enjoyed this one. The storyline has been used a million times before and I was on the brink of turning it off, but I stuck with it and by the end my view had changed.
When a young woman goes missing her sister goes to her last known location to get to the bottom of her disappearance and find out what happened to her.
Very violent in some parts and at the end of the day it’s just another torture/serial killer film, but its korean, done very well and deserves a mention.

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A fantastic thriller from Australia. “Animal kingdom” follows josh. A young teenager who’s mother has died and he goes to live live with his grandmother. He or his mother haven’t spoke to her in years. It soon become clear why Josh’s mother had kept her distance for all those years as her family are involved in organised crime.
Fantastic performances throughout and a solid and well written story with a fanatic musical score that fits perfectly and adds to tension of the film.
Highly recommended

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    1. I love that movie. That was one of the first films I wrote about on here. I have watched it about 20 times.
      Leo dicaprio was supposedly starring in the remake and made by the same dude who remade infernal affairs into the departed.

      Other Korean films you might like.
      The Yellow Sea
      Secretly greatly
      I saw the devil
      No mercy

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