A story of a woman who seeks revenge on the residents on a small island . This woman has been treated like dirt by every single person in her village , and is practically their slave. Her husband is violent and abusive and the rest of the villagers thinks the sun shines out of his arse.
When a tragedy occurs in the village , she reaches breaking point, and proceeds to grab a giant blade and goes to town on all the villagers.
I tried watching this film some time ago, but turned it off, as it does start off quite slow and didn’t have enough blood flowing or carnage from get go to keep me interested. However, I am really glad I gave this film a second shot and followed it through to the end because its a brilliant revenge movie, and although it does start off quite slow, once the blood starts flowing, the mayhem/madness doesn’t stop till the very last scene, and by that time you have completely forgotten that the film started off slow, and that the world of pain she is inflicting on everyone around her is 100% justifiable . Another great film from “Korea”.




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