I have been a fan of Ben Wheatley since the very beginning of his career. His first film Down Terrace was a brilliant piece of work that never quite got the attention it deserved. It was an unusual plot that dealt with a crime family as they went about their dodgy business from their council estate home somewhere in Brighton. I have always thought that the film would make a great play, its that sort of film. It was a great story that had really well written characters that were all equally unpredictable and had an important part to play on how the story unfolded.

Since Down Terrace, Wheatley has went from strength-to-strength releasing great films such as, Kill List, A Field In England, Sightseers and upcoming J.G Ballard adaptation High Rise.

As Wheatley continues to progress in both film-making and screen writing (with co-writer Amy Jump), one man has been his number one choice for his leading man, and that man is Michael Smiley.

Wheatley wrote the part of Pringle especially for Smiley in Down terrace,and since then Smiley has appeared in most of his films, picking up an award along the way for best supporting actor for Kill List. They very much have the whole director and leading man thing together, Just like, Scorsese and DiCaprio or Burton and Depp. They are also very close friends and stay in regular contact off-camera, this can only strengthen their bond when working together on a film.

Now Wheatley and Smiley have teamed up again along with a very impressive cast including,Cillian Murphy, Luke Evans, Arnie Hammer, Brie Larson, Noah Taylor, Sharlto Copley, and Sam Reily.  Free Fire has just begun shooting, so we can expect to see some updates on the project real soon.


I am really looking forward to seeing an action film from Wheatley , he has proved time-and-time again that is he capable of multi-genre film-making. This is a huge step in the right direction as now he will get the exposure across the pond from the U.S, people will finally be introduced to one of best and hardest working men in the film industry today

Martin Scorsese will be putting his name behind the film and is on-board as Exec Producer. This  can only mean great things, not only that, but Scorsese knows his films – he wouldn’t putting his name behind anything that he thought was going to be shit, so we can expect something quite special.


Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival. (not an awful lot to go at the minute…stay tuned though, you will be hooked up as soon as I am)



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