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7: Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Directed by: Patrick Ryan
Written by: Patrick Ryan
Genre: Thriller/Western/Revenge
Language: English
Premiered at: Slamdance Film Festival

Produced by: Lagoon Pictures
Official Plot
A troubled teenage sharpshooter decides to avenge the death of her estranged sister after she is found murdered in a public bathroom.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts
Glad that I’ve found this one, even better that it’s from Ireland. The film was shot in Co Kerry and was made for an estimated 50.00e,

Just like the rest of the films in these posts It has great reviews and is currently rocking a solid 8.1 on IMDB and judging by the trailer we have got a very strong independent Irish feature. The film is listed as a Western, stupid old me thought cowboys and horses, but the the film was shot in the west of Ireland, so technically, it is a western.

8: Batkid Begins

Directed by: Dana Nachman
Written by: Dana Nachman, Kurt Kuenne
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Premeriered at: Slamdance Film Festival

Official Plot (Imdb)
On one day, in one city, the world comes together to grant one 5 year old cancer patient his wish. Batkid Begins looks at the ‘why’ of this flash phenomenon.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts
I don’t know of one person who wasn’t touched by the events that unfolded in San Francisco on that day. I remember watching and becoming all teary-eyed as 25.000 people got together to grant a young cancer patient’s wish – to be Batman for the day.

I have no doubt in my mind that this documentary will break me and turn me into spluddering mess, but it feels good to actually write about such a fine example of how cool the human-race actually can be, and what we can achieve if we come together and do some positive shit for a change.

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About Batkid (Wiki)
Batkid is the superhero name of Miles Scott, an American child and cancer survivor who is in remission. His wish was to be “Batkid”, a sidekick of the eponymous comic book superhero Batman, the subject of books, radio, television, and films. Once the request went out, thousands of volunteers, city officials, businesses and supporters rallied to turn San Francisco, California into “Gotham City” – the fictional home city of Batman – on November 15, 2013 for one of the largest and most elaborate Make-A-Wish projects ever staged.[1][2]

Batkid took part in staged events including several crime scenarios, and receiving the key to the city from San Francisco mayor Ed Lee.[3] President Obama and other elected officials, and representatives from law enforcement also took part, and the San Francisco Chronicle, the city’s main newspaper, produced a “Gotham City Chronicle” in honor of the efforts with the headline “Batkid Saves City: Hooded hero nabs Riddler, rescues damsel in distress

Batkid Trailer

9: When Animals Dream
Directed by: Jonas Alexander Arnby
Written by: Rasmus Birch
Genre: Horror/Romance/Drama
Language: Danish
Produced by: AlphaVille Pictures Copenhagen

Premiered at: Fantastic Fest

Official Plot (Fantastic Fest)
In an isolated town on the west coast of Denmark lives 16-year-old Marie, with her almost-catatonic mother and her nervous, caring father. At first glance, Marie’s life is familiar: growing pains, a new job, and a fledgling romance all point to the world of a typical teenager. However, under the surface lies a secret so dark that it threatens to upset the existence of her family and the entire town.

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Moviehooker’s Thoughts
Huge fan of Scandinavian horror films, they just have it down, and always deliver something quite unique and atmospheric. This is defo up high on the watch-list.. it should be on yours as well.

When Animals Dream Trailer

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