Big Significant Things – A Moviehooker Review

bst1Craig Harrsion (Harry Lloyd, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who,The Theory Of Everything) is about to make the big move to San Francisco with his fiance. She is already there and has started house-hunting for their first home. Everything seems to be getting very real, very fast and Lloyd needs to take a break from it all and get his head together. So he tells his fiance that he has some unfinished work to do, and embarks on a week-long cross-country road trip.

We follow Craig as he travels around America visiting popular roadside attractions and landmarks. More importantly, running as far away as he can from any sort of big decisions. On his travels, some of the people that he meets might turn him in a different direction than he is supposed to be going.

We first see the pressure mount when his fiance Allison calls. We can hear her father in the background asking her, if Craig has read the guidebook for first time home-buyers that he posted. The father doesn’t sound too nice, especially when you’re on-route to settle down there for the rest of your days. Unfortunately, this is the life that awaits Craig when he is finished the trip, so he is going to make the best of the little bit of freedom he has left.

bst2The thing I was shocked to learn about BST is that this is the first feature from filmmaker Bryan Reisberg. The writing and the direction of this film makes the viewer a part of the story, if you did not know then you would think that Reisberg has been at this for a long time. The cinematographer (Luca del Puppo) did an awesome job at catching that road movie vibe, and Harry Lloyd gives a truly believable performance as the lost young man, a guy who I guess is a battling a pre-life crisis.

Big Significant Things is released in cinemas and on VOD on the 24th July. If you’re a fan of Indie cinema then this little gem comes highly recommended, and is not to be missed.

Director/writer Bryan Reisberg has an upcoming web series due for out for release soon called The Walker, which stars Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan and Rightor Doyle. More info on that to follow.

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