Chad Archibald’s slimy creature-feature, BITE played at Fantasia Film Festival 2015.


Bite opens with Casey (Elma Begovic) and her friends on holidays just before she is about to tie the knot.  Of course, we have the camera that is recording every single minute of the day to document the fun memories and her last days as a single woman.

After swimming in some tropical waters, the bride-to-be gets bitten by some sort of bug. When this happens one of the girls goes under to try and see what bit her (I was expecting them to). When Casey starts screaming for her, she surfaces from underneath the water, laughing at her, and the look of fear on her face. They think nothing more of the small bite and prepare for more partying.

When they arrive home from their holidays the film quickly changes from a found-footage into a normal feature film. That’s when I realised that even though I wasn’t a fan of the first part of the movie and the approach to the found-footage. I actually think it was deliberate and was a necessary part of the story to show us a bit about each character, and some cracks in Casey’s relationship with her fiancée.

Casey isn’t feeling too good, the seemingly harmless bite on her leg is starting to irritate her and has become infected lumps of puss.

Not long after, she start’s to notice new hearing abilities, she starts to twitch, her eyes change, her nails fall off – she is slowly transforming into some sort of bug-like creature. As well as her transformation, she has been laying eggs, which look like red fish eggs.  The beautiful apartment has now become her hive, her new breeding, and feeding ground.

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Rather than trying to find a cure for what is happening to her, she starts to embrace her slow transformation, and her new bug-like abilities These include spitting green acid and melting faces.

The once beautiful bride-to-be quickly becomes a protective mother-to-be, protecting her eggs, her new babies – she has gone full-Brundle. If you go into her hive, I wouldn’t expect you to come out there alive.

Very original horror movie full of good old practical FX. I haven’t seen anything like this since David Cronenberg’s The Fly and that is one of the highest compliments you can say to any genre film-maker making a horror movie.

As a huge horror fan, I welcome Bite with open arms (well, maybe not with open arms…from a distance, and with full protective clothing). With the first half of the film, director Chad Archibald did a really good job at tricking the viewer into thinking we’re in for another piece of mediocre horror.  When Bite goes into full horror mode it’s safe to say that it will satisfy all of the gorehounds.





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