Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart have signed on for the American remake of The Intouchables For The Weinstein Company

Image result for intouchablesWhen it comes to comedy it really doesn’t get any better than French movie, The Intouchables. The feel-good comedy classic which was only first released in 2011 (France) raked in well over $400m worldwide, and is one of the highest grossing French comedy movies of all time. The reason for this  –  is it is simply a masterpiece (and without a doubt in my top 3 comedy films of all time).

When it comes to remakes, even if they do seem pointless, I always like to give them a shot and to see how they turn out. A remake for The Intouchables has been in the works since 2014 with Collin Firth and Kevin Hart in the leading roles. Now the word on the street is that Bryan Cranston has replaced Firth and shooting is to begins this summer.

Simon Curtis is in talks to direct the English language version for The Weinstein Company , and TWC recruited Paul Feig to adapt the English language version of the script.

I am well aware that Mr Feig is one of the hottest comedy writers around at this time but I have never got the humour in his movies, maybe I need to give them another go. I know tons of people who love them (and each to their own and all that) but I find that I can see his jokes coming from a mile away, and that is something that The Intouchables did not have, it was a natural comedy , it wasn’t obvious and in-your-face. It don’t matter if I’m a fan or not, I will still be going to see it when it arrives.


I do think that Cranston and Hart are a very good choice for the leading roles, I do think this s a remake that could work.

Time will tell

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and Abdel Sellou the real life legends that inspired the original French movie

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