I have been patiently waiting on this film now for quite a long time. It didn’t disappoint, although I thought they could’ve done with a bit more onscreen mayhem, and some more fangs.
It’s obvious from the start that this is a a film by “Neil Jordan” it has striking similarities to “interview with a vampire” ( in the flashbacks) but that is far from a bad thing. Apart from “let the right one in”, “let me in”, “.30 days of night”, “frostbite” and maybe “stakeland” we have been starved for many years of good vampire films. This day and age it is way more cooler to be a sparkly vampire than it is to be a frog brother, and that’s just not right.
The story follows two female vampires who have been on the run for about 200 years. They have been moving constantly from city to city, never getting the chance to settle down and lead any sort of normal life (for a vampire).
They’re not your usual burn in the sunlight vampires, they seem to be pretty much human apart from the fact that they need blood to survive. The young vampire (Saorise Ronan) is tired of moving all the time and hates carrying the burden of having to keep her life a secret. The older one is earning cash by selling her body on the streets (quite a nice body as well). She meets a vulnerable man and she immediately has her hypnotic vampire ways with him and before we know it, the vampires have a lovely run down hotel to stay in. It ain’t long before the older vampires inner pimp arises and turns the run down hotel into a brothel.
If you’re looking for action, blood and gore then I’d advise you to stay away from this film. The film to me was more a mother/daughter drama. If you take out the vampire element of the story then you could easily have a hardcore drama in which a woman and her daughter are on the run from and abusive husband, but thankfully they are vampires and that just makes it way better.
I enjoyed because it dared to be different. The acting was really good , but you would expect nothing less because it has a really good and well known cast.

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