First off, let me apologise for the lack of activity on my website. My internet has been gone since last week and I am currently at war with my scumbag internet provider to get it resolved. just so you all know, I am not enjoying having no internet, it’s not intentional and I miss hooking you all up.

It’s a bit shit that the first post I get to write in nearly a week is some bad news – actually,if there was a shit-O-meter, it would go off the shit-charts.

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga is no longer attached to direct Stephen King’s IT. I have no idea when the news first broke. but it is a sad, sad time for horror.

26-cary-fukunaga-lede.w529.h352.2xI don’t know of a single person who wasn’t looking forwards to Fukunaga’s vision – even the people who think that remakes are an unforgivable sin were looking forward to it.

In some ways, I am happy that Fukunaga got up and left before he was forced to water-down his vision to suit production companies. From what I have read, he was asked to make this into one feature, and WE all know that this just isn’t possible.

22yr old, Will Poulter (We Are The Millers) was recently cast as the legendary evil clown, Pennywise. I had no problem with the choice, I was really looking forward to seeing Poulter in this type of role..he has striking facial features, and I truly believed he would be a creepy and scary bastard behind that clown makeup..WILL P

If anything, I guess we can take some sort of comfort in the fact that it was Fukunaga who penned the script, so this is still very much his film. Who knows, who New Line will get (if any) to replace Fukunaga and give us the feature……that no one fucking wants!.

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