korea_castaway_on_the_moon_2strandedA friend recommended this film to me last year.  He said it’s a romantic comedy but he told me to forget what sort of film it was and just enjoy it. So I did and it was hilarious and a damn fine film. I  have written about this film before but it would be a shame to leave it out of the finest foreign comedies post.Since watching this film I’ve kept the touch burning by recommending this film to as many people as possible. I am on a mission to spread the good word of this film.

The film starts off with the main character on a bridge he is on the phone to his credit card company and they’re telling him that he’s in serious debt. He says “thank you, you’ve just made my mind up for me” and without hesitation he jumps off the bridge. A few moments later he is washed up on a small tiny island that sits just underneath the bridge. He can hear traffic and the city is visible to him (about a mile away) but it’s just that little bit too far he can’t reach it, or reach anyone for help. after what seemed like  endless and tiresome efforts of trying to be rescued he starts to accept the fact that no help is coming and starts to make the most of his time on the island using everything and anything he can.

A very unusual but a  nice feel good comedy with a great message and some hilarious and memorable moments .
A comedy suitable for all.

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