When it comes to revenge movies, I have a selected few that will remain on the top of my list, forever. One of these movies is Australian movie THE HORSEMAN.


This film has been around since 2008 , and still stands-tall as one of the most powerfully written, effective revenge movies I’ve EVER seen..

The story of the The Horseman followed a father (played phenomenally by Peter Marshal) who is grieving the loss of his only daughter. He then receives a porn film, when he puts it on he see’s his recently deceased daughter (who is obviously drugged out of her mind), it’s quite clear that she is not participating in this movie of her own free will. The father gets angry, and very inventive with some weaponry. He sets out to find out the truth he about his daughter and to kill every bastard that was involved.

Now the word on the street is that writer/director Steven Kastrissios has got his next movie lined up (and it’s about fucking time). It’s going to be a horror called BLOODLANDS it’s going to be about family feuds (based on true stories) and to top it off, he’s off to Albania, and will shoot with an entire Albanian cast.

This sounds like such an intriguing plot, and being shot in its native tongue is also a bonus. I’m sick to the teeth of people releasing movies that are set in different countries, and Instead of hiring the local talent, the producers,, production companies will go with something that will make them cash (for example: DEFIANCE– not that it was a bad film but, seriously, the casting process for that movie was just shite-in-a-bucket. Every Russian/german actor must of been on holiday on the day of the casting process…. so they decided to go with the next best thing…..Daniel fucking Craig…..Don’t get me started, I nearly went off a rant there) so I hope you all know what I’m trying to say.

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Stay tuned… More to follow as it’s announced.

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