When I first heard the news that they were making a prequel to Tobe Hooper’s horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I have to admit, it didn’t sound to appealing to me. Now the news has surfaced that there isn’t one name attached to the project but two. The two men I am talking about are french directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury and they have been reportedly signed on to bring us a new vision IMG_6903.JPG

The guys are responsible for one of the most shocking films in horror in the last decade INSIDE. A film about a heavily pregnant woman who is terrorised by woman who is hell-bent on cutting the kid of of her stomach (such a lovely story). My mind has been swiftly changed and this prequel has automatically shot up on my list of films to stalk.IMG_6904.JPG

When the news surfaced a few years back that there was gonna be a HELLRAISER remake, I felt the exact same as I do now. I didn’t think something like this could work but when I heard that the director/writer of MARTYRS was attached to the project to write and direct then my mind was changed. I didn’t want anyone touching this classic but if it was gonna be done then I thought that Pascal Laughier was the right man for the job. The project fell apart not long after that as Pascal had creative differences with the production companies… Which more than likely meant that pascal wanted to make a proper horror film and the production companies wanted a watered-down suitable for teenagers reboot…, I do hope that this was the case, and pascal told them to kindly go and fuck themselves. The reason I’m mentioning the writer of Martyrs is because I believe that Bustillo and Maury have the same sort of style. I believe if these two guys, attached to this project got anything less than their own freedom to do whatever they want on-screen then I’m hoping they’d cut all ties with the project.

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Although I’ve read mixed reviews about INSIDE the film actually blew me away. I was delighted that these films were getting made, films that a horror fan can relate to. The guys went on to direct a vampire movie called LIVIDE and a more recent horror movie called AMONG THE LIVING. I haven’t seen AMONG THE LIVING yet but I quite enjoyed LIVIDE. But again that film has had some mixed reviews.



Not a lot of info on any sort of plot as of yet. It will apparently follow a young Leatherface before he becomes everyone’s favourite chainsaw wielding maniac.

I hopefully will have more info on this soon

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