Enter The Brutal World Of Mexico Barbaro

In the style of ABC’s Of Death and V/H/S,  – Mexico Barbaro takes 8 talented Mexican film-makers and gives them total freedom to make a short horror based on different types of Mexican legends. We have a bit of everything; blood, guts, sacrifices, zombies, and trolls. All beautifully compiled into one feature for your twisted viewing pleasure.

As we have 8 films to get through, I thought it would be a good idea if we got the whole team involved with this one so we can give it the love it deserves.

The film-makers involved in Mexico Barbaro are as follows – Aaron Soto, Edgar Nito, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Isaac Ezban, Jorge Michel Grau, Lex Ortega, Laurette Flores, and Ulises Guzman

I have to admit I am a serious fan of anthologies, “From Beyond the Grave”, and “Creepshow 2” are still my favourites. But, I like my anthologies to be wrapped in a nice package, to follow at the least a small singular narrative and it seems I am in for a treat. Straight out of the gate we have Mexican history, both ancient and contemporary; the occult and mysticism – ancient and connected stories that may or may not lead into each other -shit is about to get (un)real.

With an opening reminiscence of “Interview With The Vampire”. We have a news reporter who meets someone in a seedy motel who is going to reveal information regarding drug cartels who are practising ancient sacrificial rituals.
I honestly had my doubts, but this was the first story and more of an intro and it sets the tone nicely for the rest of the anthology.
By R.Mosalar

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Jaral de Berrios
Directed by Edgar Nito, this segment tells the story of two men who take shelter in a haunted building after escaping a gun-fight which left one of them badly wounded. The building is haunted by the spirit of a beautiful, seductive and very vengeful spirit.
For a short film, Jaral de Berrios has some of the most hardcore sex scenes that I have ever seen on film…..it gets a little weird though.


Mexico Barbaro DVD on AMAZON

drena barbaroDrain (Drena)

“Drena” (Drain) by Aaron Soto seems out of place in this anthology. From what I can gather, it holds no resemblance to Mexican mythology or folklore and instead shows a young woman having a bit too much to smoke, and subsequently succumbing to demands of a creepy blank-faced troll figure. As if you have encountered that odd Jigsaw doll at the highest point of a whitey, this weird little thing demands blood from her sisters’ vagina or else… well, I’ll leave the consequence out as it contains one of the best threats to grace horror cinema.

The challenge with these shorter anthology stories is that less doesn’t always mean more. Sure, it is a little bit gross and had a relatively decent scare sequence towards the end, but it was completely unexplainable. As a result, and largely due to the random nature of this short, it seemed almost comical. Whether or not this was entirely intentional, I am unsure, but much like the short itself with respect to its story content, the execution itself was also a little off-base. I laughed, but I wonder if that was the result Soto was going for.

 By M. Blakeway (@movieblort)
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