short3Siete  veces  Siete”  (Seven  times Seven)
“Siete  veces  Siete”  (Seven  times Seven) 
In the opening scene, our main character, Rabbit is looking to steal a corpse from an overpopulated morgue. This scene alone sets this segment of the anthology off to a very disturbing start.
The lightning of the morgue, the camera angles with casualties laying under blood-soaked sheets from a recent cartel bloodbath. The opening scene of this film gives some clever clues about what’s in store, but you got to be paying attention.
At first, we have no idea what Rabbit’s intentions are but we soon learn that he wants to perform some sort of ancient ritual to bring the corpse back to life.
Rabbit’s face is disfigured and he is fuelled by hatred and plagued by reoccurring vivid nightmares from something that happened to him in the past.
If this ritual is successful then it’s not life he wants to give the corpse but to destroy the man over again
My favourite segment from the anthology. There is a lot packed into this little gem, and I would love to see a feature-length film based around a similar plot
By G.Gamble
POSTER-Dia-de-los-MuertosDía de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Day of the Dead, it was always going to come up when you have South American folklore, but after almost 2 hours of women being victimized this cheered me up.
Vengeance, strippers, blood and violence… bring it on. Reminded me of the classic “From Dusk Till Dawn” it has to be said, even the soundtrack.

Various stereotypicalrace-basedd strippers take their vengeance on men… from the hyper giggling Japanese to the North American girl that wields a baseball bat of all things.

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There isn’t much to the last tale but it has to be said, the effects left a lot to be desired, the kills were good, and it felt like a good closing to the anthology.


By R.Mosalar
Mexico Barbaro is available on DVD and Digital Download from Dark Sky Films on November 3rd
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