For those of you who are familiar with this director and writers earlier work (Gasper Noé-Irreversible) know that they are about to be MIND-FUCKED. Not knowing what “Enter the Void” was about, I couldn’t wait to get it because I knew that I was defiantly gonna be watching something completely off the wall and it was pretty much guaranteed to leave a mark on you for quite sometime after viewing it.
So I when it was released I bought a copy in my old work and took it home for me and the girlfriends viewing pleasure. On my way home I realised that this was the next film from the guy who made fucking “irreversible” and I made my girlfriend watch that film with me years ago, telling her it was absolutely fantastic piece of cinema (which it is) and its completely original (which it is) and “Vincent cassel” stars in it, and he is off his box on coke the whole movie( which he is). But I can totally understand why people wouldn’t like it. If you made it through the whole of “irreversible” then I can pretty much bet that certain scenes are still fresh on your mind, no matter how long ago you seen it.
So “Enter the void” is about a small time american drug dealer in Tokyo who manages to get himself shot. He dies and his soul leaves his body, floats to the roof and assumes the position and gives us muthafucking soul view, and the rest of the film is shot from that perspective. A film that is original in every way but definitely wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste, and that’s 100% understandable. I would say this film would be better viewed with a pint of raw ether and some adrenal gland.




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4 thoughts on “ENTER THE VOID”

    1. Yeah man I did , I’m still paying for it to this day . I also lent it to a couple of female friends as they wanted something hardcore. Bad idea.
      Yeah man this movie is definitely unique and should be viewed at once . It’s on American Netflix I think .
      Hope u good man

        1. Enter the void is like no other film youve ever seen and on that reason alone it should be viewed. a visual treat for the hardcore movie fan like yourself .
          Great cure for a hangover, double Jameson and wee dab of ice . Keeps out the fire , leaves in the warmth

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