Ok, so I finally got to see the evil dead remake. I actually really enjoyed it. I mean, it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse, but also a hell of a lot better. I think if it wasn’t 18-R then it would’ve just been another mediocre teen horror film, but the extreme gore done it for me.
I didn’t think it was as good as the original, but i didn’t set out to make comparisons, and I probably would’ve enjoyed it even more if the films tagline wasn’t ” the most terrifying film you’ll ever see” I think that was a stupid move as most avid horror fans make it their mission to constantly seek out the sickest and most frightening shit available. I have seen some seriously fucked up films man.
Folk were complaining about the actors, saying that they were nobody’s. well fuck them, if they got well known actors then who do you think would’ve been in it? Chris Hemsworth,Megan fox?. I think the cast did a great job, so those people can just shut the fuck up.
Another thing people were saying was ” it wasn’t funny, I liked the original better” so I wanna put those motherufkers straight. The original “evil dead” was not intentionally funny. The guys set out to make a serious horror film. The only reason that anyone ever laughed at it was that “ash” was probably the first unfortunate hero ever on screen, and Bruce Campbell played and created the best demon slaying, witch hunting, chainsaw handed, boomstick holding motherfucker ever on screen, and continues to impress generations of horror fans. So when people found out that there was gonna be no “ash” character they started bitching like little bitches.
The first bit of the film, I do admit is like an episode of “one tree hill” ( i blame diablo cody) and there is a back story that you couldn’t give 2 fucks about( I blame Diablo Cody) but once you see the necrinomicon shit gets very crazy, very fast.
I thought it was really well shot, and “Fede Alvarez” done a great job. He stayed true to the original storyline but just visualised it a little different. I thought the basement scenes were fantastic, and was an improvement on the original. I did think they should’ve kept the original song for the witch bitch singing in the basement (hush little baby) the new song just didnt quite cut it for me.
Overall a great film for a new generation of twisted minds and gorehounds, and despite reading horrible reviews from crackheads on IMDB. This film was a welcomed entry into the tiresome and repetitive American horror genre that are more interested in sugar coating horror films so kids can go see them in cinemas.
A damn good job.

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