Fantasia Festival Review – The Demolisher

The Demolisher is a low-budget vigilante/revenge film from Canada directed & written by Gabriel Carrer. The film follows Bruce, an internet repairman that is crumbling from the pressure in caring for his disabled wife. His wife, Samantha (Tianna Nori) was a cop and was viciously attacked and is now confined to a wheelchair.

While Samantha is riddled with fear and reoccurring nightmares, Bruce has been consumed by rage and takes to the seedy parts of Toronto at night dressed in full riot gear looking for the gang who attacked his wife.The gang all wear the same symbol on their clothes, some sort of Baboon or Gorilla  (looks like the killer monkey from 80’s horror movie Shakma).

When Bruce is at home, he is grieving the loss of the life that him and his wife can no longer have. Although Samantha is still alive, she is no longer the person she used to be, so in a lot of ways, he is also grieving the loss of his wife, and the person she once was.

When he goes out at night, he is a completely different person, and almost takes-on a dark superhero (or villain) personality. He channels his rage on the scum of the streets until it messes with his head so much, it completely breaks him.

His fixation with revenge soon becomes an addiction and innocent people start to get caught in his path. Blinded by pure hatred, he sets his sights on a young female athlete called Marie (Jessica Vano) and a chase begins through the streets of Toronto

The great thing about The Demolisher was that it didn’t really go in the direction that I was thinking it would. The brutal acts of violence that Bruce commits sends him down an even darker path.There is a realistic tone to it, he doesn’t just kill someone and walk away, he is deeply effected by what he is doing. So much, that your love and sympathy for him soon vacates the building.

Up until those parts, you feel sorry for Bruce, Barrett did a really good job at playing this character using minimal script and a lot of raw emotion. The film gets to a certain point, and you’re just like “what the FUCK did he just do?”. The viewer is left with a really strange feeling that is a rare thing in cinema, our hero has just snapped and has gone ape-shit, you no longer want him to succeed and you want nothing more than for Marie to escape his warped and deluded mind

The rawness of Shane Meadow’s Dead Man’s Shoes, and the visual tone of Nicloas Winding Refn. The Demolisher is a new breed of Punisher movie for a new generation of Indie fans.

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