I became obsessed with new British revenge flick Pleasure Island when one critic described the film as “Dead Man’s Shoes for a new generation”.

I have been following the flick since last September and all I ever had to go on was a small  teaser and a poster. I have been constantly searching for a full length trailer or some sort of release info but ain’t found anything..until now!

I was just having a Sunday morning movie chat with my good ole movie chum @movieblort when Pleasure Island came up in conversation. Thankfully it did, as a new trailer has now been released and @movieblort also informed me that it is available to rent on Amazon Prime and can be rented if you CLICK HERE

Official Plot

After years away on tour, battle-hardened Dean finally returns home to Grimsby, only to discover a town paralysed by fear of the vicious drug dealers who have taken over. Forced to use his military skills to exact a brutal and explosive justice, Dean soon learns that to expel the town’s demons, he must first tackle his own.

Enjoy the trailer


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