GHOST STORIES REVIEW: Haunting Tales From The Bleak English Countryside


Ghost Stories was first a stage show from Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson released in 2010. Now, 8-years later, Nyman and Dyson adapt their stage show into an old-school haunted horror full of classic jumps and scares.

Nyman plays a supernatural sceptic called Professor Phillip Goodman. He is the host of a show that reveals fraudulent psychics who prey on the unfortunate souls that have lost a dear loved one.

When He receives a letter from the man who inspired him to take this career path, he doesn’t think to hesitate about going to visit him. When he arrives, he meets an old frail man living in his own waste in a run-down caravan park. When they meet he is given an envelope that contains 3 unsolved cases of ghostly hauntings.

Before I chat briefly about each case, I want to say that the feel of this movie is like something straight out of a Shane Meadows movie. I couldn’t help but think of classics like Dead Man’s Shoes or This Is England. This bleak, council estate, countryside feel in Ghost Stories really gives us an interesting playground for these tales to take place.

So now, what are the cases?

Case 1



While all tales pay their respect to classic haunted horror scares, the first case I have to say was my least favourite of the three. It tells the story of a night watchman played by Paul Whitehouse (The Fast Show). A routine shift turns into his worst nightmare when he encounters some spirits in the old asylum where he is working.

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The setting of the first case was superb, the acting was also great but I’m afraid I did see the scare’s coming. It still managed to give me a slight spinal chill but I think that had more to do with the great sound design rather than the ghostly encounter itself. I have no doubt this segment will terrify others, but for someone who eats horror movies for breakfast, it just didn’t give me the scare I hoped for.



After failing his driving test and lying to parents. A teenager called Simon knocks something down while driving. He has no idea what he knocked down was a demon or maybe the devil himself.

This had a classic horror feel to it. I thoroughly enjoyed this segment of the movie. Again, the acting, setting and sound design are fantastic. If you’re scared quite easily then this one will give you the satanic chills.



Without a doubt, the third and final case was my favourite. Starring Martin Freeman (The Office, The Hobbit, and new Netflix zombie survival drama Cargo). The third case is some straight-up poltergeist action.

Martin Freeman plays a wealthy husband whose wife is in hospital. He is visited by a nasty and violent poltergeist hellbent on destroying him.

There is more going on in this film than what I’m saying. I have tried to tell you as little as possible so hopefully, you’ll still find some ghastly surprises when you watch it.

I give Ghost Stories A solid 7/10.

We need more films like Ghost Stories. I wish it was more sinister and gruesome but it’s a step in the right direction for indie horror.

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