When I worked in the video shop we used to get new releases on a Thursday . So every Thursday was like Xmas as I never knew what films the owner would get for the shop. So one Thursday a little goth girl comes into the shop and asks me “did I have any good horror films” so I said “NO” (in a nice way )and that 90% of our horrors are complete shit and the other 10% she probably would’ve already seen. I told her I had just got this movie in , it’s a horror but I have absolutely no idea what it’s about or if its any good and its called “Grimm love”.
So the next day I was working extremely hard watching films in the video shop , when the little goth girl burst through the door (she looked fucking freaked man )and came up to the counter , handed me the DVD and was shaking and said “why did you give this film to me ,I’m only 17”.
So off she went out the door scarred for life and all I could think was I MUST SEE THIS FILM AT ONCE.. So the moral of that story is , if you like your horror films sugar coated then I’d give this one a miss, a real uneasy watch (especially if you’re a bloke)
Anyways it’s based on the real life cannibal story that we all know so well about the dude in Germany who let some other dude eat him for dinner and told though a college students thesis The fact that its a true story is very unnerving , they’re most definitely is some freakoids out there.
This film wouldn’t be the best and personally I thought that the film would’ve been better If it didn’t have the student storyline and completely focused on the cannibal dude. I thought that the student storyline americanised the film and made it quite predictable , but in saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this film and just like that little goth girl from me video shop, it left a mark on me also.
So watch this if ya wanna see a guy eat parts of his own cock after it being chopped off and fried with onions..
I can’t believe I typed that last sentence hahahahahahahahaha


the trailer

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