When I actually think about these new type of zombie comedies it sort of repulses me a little bit. As if going round decomposing and devouring human flesh wasn’t enough, they have to throw in a wee bit of necrophilia now. Even that film WARM BODIES, wasn’t that for kids??, was it not about some girl who was in love with a corpse?.

I’ve seen some disturbing stuff in my time man, but the premise of that just doesn’t feel right. Yes, there might be some hidden bullshit meaning that we should all love each other. But NO….FUCK THAT!!…..you just don’t fall in love with a corpse, that’s just all kinds of wrong, man….DESTROY THE BRAIN AND GET OVER IT !!!

Call me old-fashioned, but I preferred when the infected just tore the flesh off his/her partner and then he/she became infected. They didn’t hold hands or go to the beach, or have a domestic argument, they just devoured and ate in everything in sight.

I haven’t seen Warm Bodiesnor do I want to, but I will give Life After Beth a shot when it gets released.
The reason I’d give that one a watch is because it’s from the awesome XYZFilms and I’ve been an avid follower of that production company from the start. I’m not expecting it to be groundbreaking cinema and it has a bag of mixed reviews, but the trailer made me chuckle a few times, and sure if it raises a few smiles then I can’t argue with that.

Now we have another film called Burying The Ex. Another “I’m in love with a fucking corpse movie,” but this time Gremlins director Joe Dante is the man in the directors chair. Usually I’d be excited at the thought of a new horror comedy from Dante but this just sounds like the others. It hasn’t been released, so I could be wrong but I highly doubt it.


There just seems to be an abundance of these movies. Films that primarily aimed at a younger, less mature audience which results in bigger bucks at the box-office. It sometimes feels like they’re trying to re-create some sort of Twilight franchise,. With beautiful chiseled zombies that still look damn fucking hot…. Even if they’ have been dead for weeks.

There has been so much zombie movies recently, but not enough good ones. When I see a zombie movie get announced, most are like “just another fucking zombie movie.” There seems to be no originality left in this great genre and as a result of that, all we get is the same regurgitated bullshit over and over.

Rant over.

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