Anybody who knows me personally, knows that I am a huge “Phillip Seymour Hoffman” fan. I think of him to be the finest actor alive today, he always delivers us some very unusual but absolutely stunning cinema, and in my opinion he was the only fucking good thing about the entire “mission impossible” franchise. Ever since I watched “love Liza” I have been so intrigued by his sorrowful, yet loveable and colourful characters he plays onscreen.
So, “jack goes boating” puts “Phillip Seymour Hoffman” in the directors chair for the very first time, and it seems very clear from the start that the man has learnt some amazing techniques over the years.
It’s the very simple story of “jack” a limo driver in NYC who agrees to go on a date with a woman he has never met called “Connie”. They immediately hit it off and “jack” agrees at the end of the night to take her boating when summer arrives. “Jack” can’t swim and Is terrified of water so he turns to his best friend to teach him how to swim and overcome his fear. That’s all you really need to know about the story. Anybody who is a fan of any of “hoffman’s” previous work will be nothing less than blown away by another unique performance, only this time we get to see the film as he imagines it and the result is near perfection.
A very simple story acted out by the finest actors, and an astonishing soundtrack that features some of the greatest artists around today.

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