Easily one of the best films of 2012. Eerie as fuck, brutal as fuck and gory as fuck . The story follows two ex British soldiers who are struggling for cash so they decide to take on a job . They get handed a a list of names and they have to take kill all the people on this list without asking any questions and shit gets crazy pretty fast with an ending you could never guess.
It stars Neil maskell (utopia) and Michael smiley ( utopia as well , the nordie cop) and they both are superb in it . I have watched the film now a few times and I’ve picked up on stuff each time that I never noticed before so most definitely a head fuck of a movie . I think this was ben Wheatley’s 2nd movie and his first was down terrace a brittish council estate gangster flick which was very impressive also . He has a new comedy serial killer movie coming out real soon called sightseer’s about a couple who travel round England in a caravan killing everyone that gets in their way and its looks hilarious so I can’t wait to see that .
Anyways kill list would be be a perfect film for fans of any Shane meadows stuff . This guy knows what he’s at . He a hero !


the trailer

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