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The final wave of films has just been announced for this year’s fantasia International Film Festival. All I can say is that if you have a ticket for the event, then you’re going to be in for quite the treat.

If you want to read about the films that have been featured in parts 1,2,3 then you can just click on the links below. I also have to say that I am missing the program for the first wave of films that were announced, so I will get that sent to me as soon as possible. You will be hearing a lot more about Fantasia Film Festival in the upcoming weeks

AOT_banner_lose_0316+Attack On Titan

This is one of hottest, most anticipated Japanese features in years. A film that has the fans worried due to the visuals in the hugely popular Manga series. I myself, was a little worried about how the film was going to look. Was it going to be a dodgy CGI production? full of cheese and dodgy looking special FX?, or are they going to nail it,  making the story darker and creepier?

In my opinion, from the footage I have seen, they have nailed it. The film has such a bizarre storyline that it would be impossible for it not to be CGI heavy but it all looks really well.

For those of you that don’t know what the story is – it is set sometime after human-like giants start falling from the sky, and start to destroy mankind. They look like us, but have a strange, creepy grin on their face. They have no reproductive organs, so in a lot of ways they are just big Barbie & ken -only difference is, that they will pick you and gobble you up whole (if you’re lucky).

Years later the remaining survivors have built a large walled city that they all live in. The walls are so big, it is impossible for the giants to break through (but there is one huge motherfucker – bigger, and stronger than the rest. This guy is more than capable of breaking down the walls – he is known as the Colossal Titan )

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The residents of the city decide that it is time that they fight back and a new titan fighting army is born. They  are highly skilled warriors that carry this special piece of equipment called the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear. This gear enables them to move faster, jump impossible heights, and glide through the air just like Spidey and his webbing abilities. The gear can make them pick up so much speed they can deliver deadly blows with extreme force….you got to hit them in the right place though, you may only get one chance.

If you haven’t checked out the original Manga series then you can stream the full first season on Netflix U.S

Shinjuku SwanA TRIO OF PREMIERES FROM THE GREAT SION SONO (from official Fantasia program)

Maverick director Sion Sono (LOVE EXPOSURE, SUICIDE CLUB), one of the most unique voices in modern cinema, makes a thunderous return to Fantasia with an unprecedented three films! First up is the International Premiere of manga adaptation SHINJUKU SWAN, featuring Gou Ayano (LUPIN THE THIRD), Takayuki Yamada (MILOCRORZE), and Erika Sawajiri (HELTER SKELTER)! Then, bear witness to Sono’s sweet side at the North American Premiere of the family friendly LOVE & PEACE, an improbable mix of Japanese pop music, tokusatsu cinema, and talking toys – all laced with his unique sense of humour and critical, yet sensible view of modern Japan. Last but not least, the director hasn’t lost his flair for subversion and pitch-black humour, and the North American Premiere of TAG wholeheartedly proves it! When action, gore, and uneasy hilarity meet existential reflection and lucid social commentary, you know Sion Sono is in the house – and the legendary director promises to leave his mark on Fantasia 2015!




I have been following this film for over a year now.  I have been constantly searching on youtube for some sort of trailer of teaser.

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Recently I got to see the trailer, and I have to admit, I was  a little underwhelmed. I am just not a fan of ‘the gay joke’, you know that one scene when people are staring death right in the face. There is no way out..and all of a sudden someone will shout ‘I’m gay’. The rest of characters will go quiet as if this piece of info is the most shocking thing ever said….not funny in my eyes, but that is just me. Others may find this the funniest thing ever. I didn’t laugh when I heard the same joke back in 2000 when Almost Famous was released, so I doubt it’s going to tickle any funny-bones 15 years later

Now for the good things. It stars Rainn Wilson (House Of A 1000 Corpses, The Office U.S) & Elijah Wood (Maniac, Open Window, Grand Piano). \he film is about a group of teachers who get trapped in their school during a zombie epidemic when all of the kids eat dodgy chicken nuggets that turns them into flesh eating maniacs… story ever? well, I think it is most definitely one them. Sounds like a lot of fun and a film that you are NOT supposed to take seriously.

Ninja the MonsterNINJA THE MONSTER (info from official Fantasia program)

A reserved ninja, an impulsive samurai, a beautiful princess and a monster… A crafty blend of contextualized historical facts, adventure film and fantastic cinema from Ken Ochiai, director of UZUMASA LIMELIGHT, winner of last year’s Cheval Noir award at Fantasia. World Premiere.


One genre that I just could never get into was Bollywood cinema. I know I am watching the wrong films, and I know that there is some awesome ones out there, but as of now, I have yet to find them.

This film could be the one that changes the way I feel about Bollywood cinema, and hopefully open up some doors to other similar films.

Official Plot (IMDb)

Four desperate teenagers. A night of sexy mayhem. The big city. Or so the plan goes, until a series of misadventures later, Babai, Pele, Ria and Payal end up in a locked shopping mall in the dead of the night. Alone at last… until an old couple appears out of nowhere with a piece of folded leather and a glass container with two dice made of bone. A game. Simple, but deadly. They call it Ludo. A game defiled by a young couple centuries ago. An unbreakable curse, a living board, eons of bloodbath spanning the subcontinent. A game that has reached this city. Not just monsters, but prisoners of fate. Immortal lovers existing under a curse that will not die. They live within the game. Blood must spill. Bone must shatter. Beware the rattle of the Ludo dice.

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Cash OnlyCash Only (info from Fantasia program)

Fantasia is white-knuckle thrilled to be presenting the World Premiere of the ferocious crime drama CASH ONLY, an intense new thriller by Malik Bader (director of the Tribeca breakout STREET THIEF), scripted by and starring Nickola Shreli. The story of an ex con landlord who robs and manipulates the inhabitants of a Detroit slum building he manages before crossing the worst kind of mobster, this gritty and engrossing film shines rare cinematic light on the Albanian-American inner-city experience. World Premiere.


This is one of the films that I am looking forward to the most. Assassination is a new South Korean war drama that is set in 1933. The film is about an elite female sniper who is sent to Shanghai to assassinate a commander in the Japanese army. When a traitor exposes the sniper – the Japanese send out a hitman to track down and kill the sniper….sounds pretty damn epic!

Assassination is directed by The Thieves director, Choi Dong-hoon and features cast from South Korean greats such as The Chaser and The Housemaid.

Assassination will have it’s international premiere at Fantasia Film festival

Thanks for reading. There is so much more great stuff happening, and I promise to try my best to keep you all hooked up. Even if you can’t make it to the festival (just like me, ”sigh”) you will know what features are coming your way in the not to distant future.

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