It’s not very often that we get a remake that exceeds the original in every way, using a new and unique style of POV filming, “maniac” is the first serial killer feature that lets you witness the brutality of the crimes he commits through his eyes.
As soon as the music started for this flick I knew it was was gonna be insane. Using extremely disturbing 80’s synthesisers, the tone for the film was set up almost immediately. Then we have the film title,”MANIAC” written in giant red block letters ( the exact same as the original).
The title of this film should be be enough to put people off, and it should. You must be under no illusions that this film Is a Hollywood remake, in fact this is a fuck you Hollywood remake.
The film is insane and extremely graphic and unsettling in every way you could possibly think, it will stay in you head for days after watching it (still fresh in mine 3days after viewing). The storyline is pretty much in the title, it’s a bout a maniac who goes around L.A Scalping women and using their scalps for his own little of family of mannequins that he has in his apartment.
Fucked up much??????
Elijah wood does a fantastic job as “frank”. I do admit, I was a little hesitant at start, but I can safely say he was one of the best serial killers that I’ve ever seen on screen, and I think the reason for that is that we are with him every step of the way. You learn quite quick just how delusional and fucking insane this dude is, you become serial killer for 89 mins.
A film only suited to hardcore horror fans. A film that will leave a mark on you.

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