In 2008 a young woman who had just won the “miss sinaloa” beauty competition in Mexico had to give her crown back after she was arrested with either narcotics or ammunition. She was arrested alongside suspected cartel members.
In 2011 “Gerardo Naranjo'” writes and directs a film loosely based on the events. We are given another fantastic, gritty, dark and powerful Mexican film. The storyline is obviously fictionalised for our own personal cinematic experience but nonetheless, it’s a fantastic film.
I remember watching “el infierno”(another amazing Mexican film) and thinking that the corruption in the movie was unlike anything I had ever seen. Although “el infierno” was able to cleverly blend in humour along with carnage, “miss bala” is a sad and depressing look at a city that’s completely run by drugs, murder and corruption. Its safe to say that you can trust no one, and everybody has a price tag.
A film that is well worth checking out if you haven’t already done so.




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