A superb French thriller that won a lot of well deserved award including best actor and best director. The story of a man who was suspected of brutally killing his wife. Years later two corpses are found in the exact same place as his wife was murdered, so the police start to suspect him again, and things start to get even more crazier when he receives a strange email showing recent video surveillance of his murdered wife alive and well.
A great thriller that can not be faulted in anyway.



2: 36
probably my all time favourite heist movie. Fast paced French cop thriller that’s still better than the rest 9 years after it’s release.
Starring some of France’s finest actors and a film that has more intelligence than a thousand Hollywood movies.
Police are failing miserably at trying to catch a violent gang of criminals who’ve been pulling off heists.
when a promotion is on the the cards at work, two cops go head to head, using extremely different tactics they battle it out to try and solve the case first, as only one can receive the promotion.
This film was loosely based on events that happened in France during the 1980s and the director of the film was an ex cop who had spent 12 years on the force.
Better than de niro and Pacinos “heat”



The story of a young boy who lives a rural and run down part of southern Italy. He is ten years old so he spends his days running in the near by fields with his little sister, doing anything and everything to keep themselves entertained. One day when the kid goes to get something for his sister, he makes a grim discovery. A boy who is being held captive in a large hole in the ground.
This film is stunning to look at. The scenery is breathtaking and the way that the story unfolds is nothing less than genius.

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