I wasn’t really expecting it , but this film is more of drama than anything else. The acting is unbelievable , the two main characters are fantastic, and I hope they got some sort of award for their role. The story is sad, moving, funny, and sometimes quite violent. The film starts off with the main character giving us a beautifully choreographed dance In a field which gives us an immediate feeling of ” what the fuck?”.
The story of “Do-Joon”. I don’t know the correct terminology so ill say he sorta like “I am Sam” or “Forrest Gump” ( fuck, I hope that’s not offensive). He has been wrongly imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl, and his mother begins a desperate search for the real killer. The story starts off slow, giving you time to establish a bond between the mother and son, but not after that , we have a constant build up with a welcoming twist at the end. I would find it easy to recommend this film to anyone, it would be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys a great murder mystery.
Written and directed by “Joon-Ho Bong” who also gave us the fantastic serial killer drama, “memories of murder” and probably the best Asian monster movie around, “the host”. I wasn’t surprised at all that the writing, acting, directing was near perfection 20130409-100654.jpg20130409-100706.jpg20130409-100717.jpgthe trailer

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