Still going strong with my festival posts. It’s a great feeling not knowing which film to write about as there is so much awesome stuff coming our way. This is why these festival posts may never end and I can easily see myself continuing to add to the list as the year goes on.. I may of bitten off more than I can chew but I will do my hardest to make sure that you guys get hooked up with the best new releases in cinema.


I know of a few people who are gonna loose their shit when they read the plot for this Sundance selected thriller.

partisanVincent Cassel,seems to be a man that seems to have no restrictions when it comes to acting. A man who has starred in Hollywood blockbusters while at the same time remaining loyal to the French independent film scene. He popped up in all sorts of weird and wonderful roles throughout the years and long may it continue.

In Partisan, Cassel, plays a character called Gregori, a man who who lives in a confined complex (which is half ruins/mazes and the other half like a paradise). His only purpose is to train children to become assassins and turn them into killing machines…do we really need anything else??

The story is told through the eyes of a kid called Alexandre, he is Gregori’s son, as he gets trained to become a killing machine he starts to learn about his his fathers past.






love picLove is the new feature from Irreversible director Gasper Noe .The film will be screened at this years Midnight Section at Cannes Film Festival.

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If you familiar with Noe’s work then you’ll know that we are are gonna get something that will be unlike any other film that you’ve seen since, well, the last time Noe released a film, which was, Enter The Void.

The man has a craft that no-one else can copy, he isn’t scared, in act he probably loves the fact that he can shock his viewers to the core.

From the sounds of things…He wants people to start riding in the cinema. Sounds pretty hardcore…..expect a lot of sex!

Official Plot IMDB (best plot ever);)





1216944_BridgendThis film recently won Best Cinematography and Best Narrative Editing at Tribeca Film Festival. The film is a drama which looks to have a nice blend of mystery and is inspired by an unusual true story.

Here is the official plot from IMDB 

A Bridgend Story (working title) is a film about a teenage girl, SARA, who arrives with her father to a small village in the welsh valleys of Bridgend County that is haunted by suicides amongst its young inhabitants. She falls dangerously in love with one of the youngsters while her dad as the new town policeman tries to solve the mystery. The film is based on true events. 

Enjoy the trailer

Thanks for reading, part 10 will be up next week

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