I am a huge fan of vampire films but my love for them has been almost destroyed for obvious reasons. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all the classics, but as far as modern day vampire greats, they are pretty much non-existent . I had almost given up hope on the sub-genre but every so often someone will release a film that will restore your faith, a fresh new pair of eyes with a fresh new vision.

As always I like to keep the plot details to a bare-minimum so you can get as much surprise and enjoyment from it as possible.

trailer-for-the-vampire-western-a-girl-walks-home-alone-at-night-previewI am pretty sure that this is the first ever Iranian, Farsi, language vampire film (another film which featured in one of my lists a while back). The film is set in a run-down town that is full of drugs and death and is known as a ‘bad town’. At night our burqa wearing vampire roams the streets, stalking her prey and feeding on the lost and hopeless.

The burqa is one of the best things I have seen in a vampire film in a long time such a simple thing to add to add to the vampire myth, but really effective, this is her cloak.. when I say it is beautiful and unique…I really mean it. There is one scene when she gets hold of a skateboard and starts to slowly skate down the middle of the road with her burqa flowing behind her. I thought that was just awesome to look at, it was almost hypnotic.

If you’re looking for blood and action then you won’t get it here, what you will get is a fresh new take on a genre that was nearly destroyed, The acting, writing, direction, cinematography are near flawless in my opinion.

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A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is available on U.S Netflix [sam id=”” codes=”true”]


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