I have no idea why I haven’t been doing this sort of thing for a long time. Sometimes there is a gap between my posts because I usually write about more than one movie at a time, and sometimes one post could take me a couple of days to write. So I’ve decided that I’ll write about one movie each week that is available for instant streaming on Netflix.

So for this weeks choice I have chosen a Filipino movie METRO MANILA. I am almost certain that that I’ve written about on here before, but now it’s on Netflix…and you’re gonna watch it tonight, trust me!!!
So what can I tell you about the movie without spoiling any of the storyline for you?.

The film follows a hardworking family man called Oscar who is just trying to give his wife and kids a decent life. He has worked some jobs, but they didn’t end well. He has even tried being a rice farmer but he ain’t making enough money to support his family. They have no other choice but to pack up what little belongings they have and head for Manila in search of work.
Just as he is about to give up hope, he gets a job driving an armoured vehicle. The pay ain’t great for the risk, but he has no choice. He has a family to feed and would do just about anything to see that they are well looked after.

The acting is just flawless, I felt every single rejection that Oscar got when looking for work. You really felt so sorry for him, a desperate father with only his family in mind.


There is one scene in which his partner buys him a chicken sandwich and he keeps it in his pocket throughout the day so he can feed his family with it when he gets home….it gets the emotions running overtime…then you just man-the-fuck-up, and get on with the movie.

What happens then on in just has to be left to you as the viewer to witness. I don’t want to tell you anymore than I already have. You guys need to watch this one. You’ll be glad I hooked you up.
I enjoyed it that much that halfway through the movie I had to stop and find the lead actor. I sent him a message telling him that I was just blown away by his performance and that he did such a good job. By the end of the movie he got back to me saying thank you. Which is one of the most awesome things a film fan could ask for.


“Sometimes the only thing left to hold onto is the blade of the knife”

I can’t recommend this film enough guys.

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