monster2Last night I was able to tick another film off what seems to be a never-ending, and forever-growing watch-list. I wish that there was some way to check what date I added this to the list because it sure does feel like a long time.

I have to admit, I almost turned the film off at the start. There is a scene with one of the main characters. She is sitting glaring into the sky, then out of nowhere her dead grandmother appears in proper Teletubbie fashion in the sun. She starts to give her some advice, and sing her a song with some strange lyrics, complete with nursery rhyme style music.

If I had of been watching a Takeshi Miike movie, I would accept the fact that there was a dead grandmother floating in the middle of the sun. You can expect that sort of craziness from Miike, but in a Korean revenge/action movie?. It was a little strange….but kind of amusing.

All that scene was doing was giving the viewer an idea on just how bat-shit-crazy this character is. She is the center of the story so it us important for us to know how she is and the way she acts before the madness begins.

We then meet our tattooed monster, a trained assassin that kills without remorse or reason. Although,  I would best describe Monster as a serial-killer film with an injection of revenge..and we all know how well the S.Koreans do revenge!.

El Nino

el ninoA new Spanish thriller from the director of Cell 211. The movie stars one of my favourite actors in foreign cinema – the man with the hypnotic eyebrows, Mr Luis Tosar.

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Luis Tosar plays a cop that is tracking some big time drug-runners who are smuggling coke and weed from Morocco into Spain. Two new kids join the gang, and decide to do things their own way, not caring about the consequences.

We all know that Daniel Monzon is capable making a gripping thriller. He is the man responsible for Cell 211, which is one of my favorite foreign language films. El Nino proves that the man is not only capable of small budgeted dramas, but equally as good when delivering a high budgeted fast paced action thrillers.


Thanks for reading. Both films are available for instant streaming on NetfliX U.S


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