You know from the poster that this is gonna be heavy. Such a great film though, one that everyone should see.

This is new to Netflix and is produced by Mr Captain Planet himself – Leo DiCaprio – along with his production company APPIAN WAY

Documentary about a group of soldiers who protect a wildlife reserve which is home to some awesome mountain gorillas, and yes, your hearts will indeed melt.IMG_7006.JPG

Not only do they have to deal with poachers and rebels on a regular basis, an oil company called SOCO has got their sights on the area.

A lot of footage wasshot by a very Young, courageous female journalist who deserves all sorts of awards for her involvement. Although, this is a documentary, it’s almost like you’re watching a real film – it had a solid cinematic feel to it and would remind you of greats such as – BLOOD DIAMOND, CONSTANT GARDNER or HOTEL RWANDA

If you like the movie then please post about it on your page. This is real shit, the internet is a powerful tool. We all should be naming and shaming these cruel and heartless bastards.

EASILY 10/10


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