IMG_5805.JPGEvery year there is countless film festivals happening all across the globe. It’s an exciting time of year for both the filmmaker and the fan. The filmmaker gets his/her chance to show off their work to an audience of film lovers and production companies. Then, hopefully if all goes well, they can sell the rights to the movie for further world-wide distribution.

The film fan is spoiled for choice. There is so much films to choose from, so many genres, so many styles, so many different cultures. As an avid movie lover that just sounds like heaven to me. And then if you are lucky you could get a Q+A with the directors and actors. There is more than enough quality viewing at this festival to suit any movie-fans needs.

I am well aware that there will be many more great films coming out of this festival, so I’ve picked ones which I’m familiar and I’ll break it up into 3 posts,.This means your guaranteed some fantastic viewing..

Since the release of 2012’s mind-fuck RESOLUTION I have been keeping a close eye on directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. They anonounced some time ago that there next film would be another horror film, it will be called SPRING and it will be set in Italy. But as far as any sort of plot or details about the film, nothing was heard for a long time.

I love what these guys are doing, they know how to roll. and they’re giving us something different in a genre that’s overpopulated with so much repetitive shit, and as a lover of all things horror and weird, I welcome them with open arms. I wish these guys the best of luck and have no doubt that these guys will continue to give us memorable movies throughout the years.

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Justin Benson & Aaron moorhead have also bagged a segment in the latest VHS movie VHS VIRAL. And I look forward to seeing what these guys will bring to the table.

I’ve asked Justin Benson would it be cool if I was to throw some questions at him, and he very kindly agreed. He said that he would throw Aaron ion the chain also. I have just finished writing the interview and I think I’ve got some pretty cool questions for them. So if you’re a fan of Benson and Moorhead (and you should be) then stay tuned for the interview.


Episode #259 of Kevin Smith’s podcast was called The Walrus And The Carpenter. Someone placed a hoax add on Gumtree. The add was that a landlord required a tenant to occupy a spare room. The tenant would live there rent free, but in return all he/she would have to do is dress up in a walrus costume for few hrs everyday, and go full-walrus. He or she would not be allowed to speak unless they made walrus sounds, they would have to eat mackerel and clap their little walrus hands.

Ok, so anyways, Kevin smith and his buddy Scott Mosier heard about the add. They had a bag of weed, and hit the record button, within the hour they had the premise for a excellent horror movie and TUSK was born right there on-the-spot.

This film is guarenteed to be the only film you’ll see this year about a man getting surgically transformed into a walrus. So if you’re a fan of movies like The Human Centipede but feel you’ve had your fix of people getting their mouths sewn to assholes, then I’d highly recommend TUSK



3: REC 4
I had almost lost all faith in ever getting to see [REC]4. When the third instalment was released, it didn’t stay true to the previous two. When it was announced that Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró would go their separate ways for the final two instalments, no one had any idea that Plaza would attempt something completely different. It was the same infection alright, but he introduced new characters and surroundings with no familiarity to its predecessor, and also (and I don’t know why) he introduced a little bit of comedy. If [REC]3 was just a spin-off of the franchise, then I would’ve probably enjoyed it a lot more. But unfortunately I’m a sick son-of-a-bitch, I feel I’ve been dragged too far down this infectious rabbit-hole to sit down and watch a [REC] movie and laugh along the way. I enjoy the intensity, the blood, the infection, the ancient virus, the demonic twist, the claustrophobic feel, and the sense of “everyone is fucked.”

Now with [REC] 4 Jaume Balagueró takes a much needed trip back to 2009 to everyone’s favourite apartment building in Barcelona. The fourth and supposed final instalment of the franchise will take place immediately after the events of the 2nd film. Angela is now infected (unknown to everyone else) and is taken to a huge ship and is quarantined. Obviously the infection gets out again and all hell will break loose.

One thing I’ve noticed about the trailer is that Jaume Balagueró seems to have left the found-footage approach at the door. He approaches the final instalment just like Paco Plaza done with the third. To a lot of people that sounds like a great idea, as it’s only a minority that like the shaky hand-cam approach (I’m one of them). The infected (or possessed) also look quite different, this time they look like they’ve mutated further, giving some (in my opinion) similarities to Lamberto Bava’s 1985 cult classic Demons..



PART 2 coming soon
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