New Horror Movies That You Should Know About

It has been a strong year for horror movies with many more great titles coming our way soon. 

I have made a list of some newly released or upcoming horror that I feel you need to be Hooked up with.

I hope you enjoy (scroll to bottom of post for next page)

imageThe Void

Current Status : In Production

The Void looks like it is going to be insane. The film will rely a lot of practical effects and from what I have seen- it looks like it’s going to be a hard one to stomach, which is great news if you’re a hardened horror fan

The Void is due for release sometime in 2016 and MovieHooker will be following it up until it’s releases so stay tuned for more info.

Official Plot

When a mutating horde of parasitic creatures threatens to breach an isolated hospital, a lone police officer and a group of hospital staff band together to fortify themselves within its walls. But as they prepare for the fight of their lives, they will discover the real terror is already inside.

imageHe Never Died

Current Status : Awaiting Release

He Never Died is due for release really soon and has been rocking festival audiences arounf the world.. The film stars Henry Rollins who plays a cannibal called, Jack taht has some serious anger issues. He tries to control his appetite for human flesh by going to bingo….I don’t we need anything else, do you?

If you’re not a fan of Rollins then you should be. Great to see a film with him as the star. I have a feeling that Mr Rollins with give a very believable performance.

official Plot

Jack, a social outcast, is thrust out of his comfort zone when the outside world bangs on his door and he can’t contain his violent past.

cold ground 1Cold Ground

Current Status : In Production

Cold Ground is a new found-footage flick set in the 70’s and will focus on  a group of skiers who get attacked by some sort of beast when on holidays in the French Alps.

The film has recently moved into post-production so we can expect to hear some updates pretty soon on its progress.

I know of a lot of people who are sick and tired of the found-footage genre, and yes, I have seen some amount of shit as well – it doesn’t mean that I won’t move on and hunt out the next one  Judging by the test-footage that I have seen – Cold Ground looks like it is blending found-footage with some French extreme horror, and that sounds just fine to me.


Current Status : Awaiting Release

The trailer for new Turkish horror, Baskin surfaced a couple of weeks ago and grabbed the attention of every horror lover. The film focuses on 4 cops who get caught up in some sort of black mass and end up in hell.

Their vision of hell is some terrifying stuff. The film looks to have a blend of Silent Hill (only darker) and Hellraiser. 

Baskin will have its world première this September at Toronto International Film Festival

Official Plot

A squad of unsuspecting cops goes through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building.

curse02-1Curse The Darkness

Current Status : In Production

Curse The Darkness is the English language début from Jorge Michel (director of Mexican cannibal movie, We Are What We Are).

Not an awful amount of information to go on at the moment but shooting was supposedly due to begin in October 2015 in, Louisiana.

A fresh take on the zombie genre with the film focusing on slavery and the kind of zombies we would probably see in The Serpent And The Rainbow, and not the flesh-eating kind that have flooded our screens for decades.

Elijah Wood, who serves as producer had this to say about the project…

“We always said we wanted to stay away from the zombie genre, as it’s been so well covered, but when we read Brandon’s script (Brandon Maurice Williams), we encountered a take on the genre that simply had to be realized. Curse the Darkness is both a chilling exercise in horror and an incisive polemic against the conditions of illegal immigrants in this country.”

imageBad Vibes

Current Status : In Production

I was worried that we were never going to get to see new John Landis produced werewolf/comedy, Bad Vibes as it seemed to be dead in the water since it was announced in 2013

Thankfully my fears have been put to bed when it recently appeared on my Twitter feed that Bad Vibes finally moving forward and will begin shooting soon.

Official Plot (Shock till you Drop)

Bad Vibes is set in the psychedelic rock scene of the late ‘60’s, where Sunrise Majesty is at the top of the charts with their message of ‘free love’ for all. But after an encounter with a strange groupie, bandleader and mastermind Max Cassidy is left with a gift that can’t be cured with a shot of penicillin. Max has been touched with the curse of the werewolf, transforming him into a dark and brooding nihilist whose new sound is almost as disturbing as his new plan: to hold a huge love-in at the band’s ranch where he and the group will infect all their fans, unless Cynthia, Max’s girlfriend and the last untouched member of the band, can stop them.

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