That’s right, you read that correctly, Nic Cage is teaming up with Japanese director Sion Sono for his English-language debut

Could this be a match made in heaven? to me, it certainly seems that way. Legendary, and bat-shit Japanese director Sion Sono is about to make his English-language debut with a horror movie called Prisoners In Ghostland. It makes perfect sense that his go-to guy for his leading role would be none other than Nic Cage.

Sion Sono
Sion Sono

Cage seems to be picking these crazy roles at the minute, he has been a busy man. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Mom And Dad, I still loved the concept of the movie. Also, we will get to see him taking on a satanic cult in new revenge/horror MANDY. So, for any fans of Sion Sono, you know this is great news.

If you are unaware of director Sion Sono then I recommend that you check out his filmography:

That’s nowhere near all of them but that is enough to get you started…and hooked

From Deadline: Ghostland, penned by Aaron Hendry and Safai, centers on notorious criminal Hero (Cage) who is sent to rescue an abducted girl who has disappeared into a dark supernatural universe. They must break the evil curse that binds them and escape the mysterious revenants that rule the Ghostland, an East-meets-West vortex of beauty and violence.

So, let me get this straight, Nicolas Cage battling supernatural forces in a movie directed by Sion Sono. Can someone put me to sleep and wake me up when this film is released?

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Expect to hear a lot more about Prisoners In Ghostland. This is a film myself, and the Moviehooker team will be following very closely.

Last, but not least…SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY’!!!!

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