This is another film that I feel that I’ve been following forever. As soon as the first stills surfaced of Jake Gyllenhaal screaming into a mirror, I just knew deep down that this was gonna be his best performance to-date. No matter if you’re a fan or not of Jake Gyllenhaal there is no denying he has been growing into a fine actor with some memorable recent performances in movies like End Of Watch, Prisoners, Enemy

Although the film didn’t play out exactly how I imagined, I have to say that I was genuinely frightened of Gyllenhaal. There was just something about him that made your skin crawl and you constantly feel that he could explode and start murdering people at any stage of the film.

My brother pointed out to me last night that his character Lou Bloom was based on a Marvel character. He was fucking right!! From what I’ve read, Lou Bloom is a character called Nightcrawler from the X-men universe but i think it stops there, the similarity is just the name.

Gyllenhaal plays a petty thief who stumbles on a freelance news team filming a car crash so they can sell to the news stations. Lou Bloom says something like “does someone pay you for this stuff?!” And the cameraman replies “if it bleeds, it leads!”.

The next day Lou Bloom gets his hands on a camera and a police scanner, and starts up his own freelance business. He sits in his car at night, listening to the police scanner – when a crime or accident is called in, he tries to make it on the scene before anyone else. Not to help in anyway but to take footage of the injured or dying so he can make some easy cash. It’s not long before his thirst for blood and carnage starts to spiral out of control and takes over. He plays an absolutely fantastic sociopath who is genuinely unpredictable, you just never know how far this guy is willing to go.

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As I said, the film didn’t play out like I imagined it would, but in saying that I was still blown away by both the writing and Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance . I wanted blood and guts and murder and was expecting it to be vicious as hell. By the end of the film I had completely reset my expectations and took it onboard as a dark drama which deals with the fear of God that the media pumps into you!!!

Very relevant in this day and age if you ask me.

Defo one of the best films of this year!!

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