Stylish Icelandic Thriller, Brave Men’s Blood Is Further Proof That Nordic Thrillers Are Among The Best In The World

imageI went into Olaf de Fleur’s, Brave Men’s Blood not knowing anything about the story or what to expect. I found out after watching the movie that it was a sequel to 2011’s City State. Thankfully you didn’t have to see the first to enjoy the second part. the director said that the characters from City State simply had more story to tell, so the team started on Brave Men’s Blood 3 months after the release of City State

In the opening sequence of Brave Men’s Blood we see our main character Hannes (Darri Ingolfsson) fail miserably at his physical exam into the Special Ops unit. When his father, who is an ex-super-cop, and a legend among the force makes some calls, Hannes gets offered a job at Internal Affairs. He knows that he won’t be popular with the force, but he doesn’t seem to care if everyone hates him and takes-on a take-no-shit attitude saying “you either break the law, or you don’t”

When Hannes visits an imprisoned drug kingpin called Gunnar, Hannes is informed that the head of the narcotics division at Reykjavik police department is on the payroll of Gunnar’s drug-dealing rival, Sergej.

Hannes sees an opportunity to take-down the corrupt narcotics cop and also the drug kingpin who he works for. He recruit’s the help of female cop, Andrea (Agusta Eva Erlendsdottir) who used to work as a narcotics agent under the supervision of the cop who is the centre of the investigation.

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Brave Men’s Blood has a bit of everything. It works well as a solid thriller about the drug trade, drug trafficking, and offering us some Eastern European gangster action. At the same time cleverly blending in some police corruption drama. It also has some shocking violence that really hits you right in the gut.

There is a reason that Nordic thrillers are ranked among the best in the world. They offer a gripping story, great acting, characters that are believable, beautiful cinematography,strong (un-clichéd) female characters and most of all, unpredictable, and plot that can go in any direction, at any time.

Brave Men’s Blood continues the trend with another fine entry into the fantastic Nordic thriller sub-genre

Brave Men’s Blood is available on VOD on September 8th via Oscillascope Laboratories




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