When I first read synopsis of this film I immediately thought it was just gonna be a ripoff of “rec”.
A group of people are quarantined inside their apartment building due to a virus outbreak. No one must enter or leave. So it’s 100% understandable that I thought of “rec”, anyways it’s a lot different, as this the first great zombie movie, without any zombies. It’s has every ingredient to be a zombie movie, and all the way through I was expecting someone to get up and take a big fucking chunk out of someone’s face, but that never happens, and for once, I didn’t have a problem with that.
The film focuses on a young couple who live in the building the girl is pregnant and the boyfriend is is trying to keep her calm and get things under control. Some neighbours In the building are far more heavily armed, equipped and prepared for the outbreak than others. They are prepared to do absolutely anything to avoid getting infected.
This film also has great soundtrack, all the way through its like you are watching some sort of 70’s sci-fi film. It also has a slight bit of comedy which is executed extremely well and fits right in with the story.
Not quite what I was expecting but still a really good claustrophobic virus movie. A film that reminded me more of “right at your door” than it did “rec”.
Give it a shot and give it your own verdict.





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