After a very disappointing third instalment to the rec movies , rec 4 needs to be fucking good man . So the writers of the first two movies have parted ways and one would write rec3:genesis and the other would write the final instalment rec4:apocalypse . The first two movies rocked. . They where fast , gory , tense and seriously creepy ( bitch at the end of rec) but the third movie was just shit man ! I was waiting for so long to see the third rec movie and the premise sounded awesome and even when I was watching it I was trying me fuckin hardest to like it but it was pretty shit .
Whoever thought it would be a good idea to try and turn it into a comedy and take away the video camera effect. It looked really clean and that tense feeling up you got with the first two films was just Gone.
So rec4 is bringing back Angela ,the girl from rec , it takes place directly after the first rec and Angela (who is infected) is taking to a secure location( I think it’s an oil rig in middle of the sea) and then I guess you all know what happens then . Shit goes bananas !!!!
I have faith in the last instalment and hopefully all the questions will be answered like the origin of the virus because as tiring as the found footage genre can be , rec done a dam good job of freshening up things.


the trailer

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