A real slow burning and extremely tense psychological thriller. The film follows 3 characters, “Erica” who’s is a young nymphomaniac that will fuck just about everything with a heartbeat. Then we have young “frank” a washed up rock musician still trying to make it big with his band in his garage, and then we have “Nate”, the strange war veteran neighbour who lives in the same building as “Erica”. He sees Erica as a troubled soul and just wants to help.
This film has a lot of nudity and sex, and it ain’t any classy sex you would see in a big Hollywood movie. The sex is dirty and sleazy and very hard to watch on screen ( unless you are a dirty sleaze then you will be fine) but thankfully it’s only at the start of the movie and its just to establish how fucked up “Erica” is, and it sets the mood for the film pretty quick. Once the film gets going and if this is all you know about the storyline then I urge you to hunt it out and check out what happens next as it has to be seen to be believed. Please try and stay away from reviews of this film as a lot of them would give away certain parts of the story that I found absolutely necessary to be viewed by complete surprise.
The acting is fantastic throughout especially from “Nate” who was played by English actor “Noah Taylor” and the film is superbly made and shot on a tiny budget by English director “Simon Rumley”
A film that would be suited for fans who like their stuff very dark and very disturbing.
Accompanied by a disturbing score that just sounds like some dude hitting random notes on a piano this alone will fuck with your head just as much as the story does.

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